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Project 1969 Suzuki T250.
I began this bike in 2000, finally completed early 2006. I just never seemed to get around to this one. BUT I have done a few others in between. In March 06 I rode it from Brisbane to Newcastle and back for the VJMC Annual Rally. From memory I covered about 1500 miles. I had over geared it for the run, 16/41, with the aim to reduce revs at 60mph, it worked however I had the change down a lot more than I normally would have with stock 14/41 gearing.

Apart from that it ran beautifully without any troubles at all. I have since sold it to a fellow collector on QLD's Gold Coast. I do hope he is enjoying it.

The pics below were taken at various stages of the build and are in no particular order. Enjoy.

69t250-2.jpg 611x370

69t250_frame.jpg 593x359

69t250_right.jpg 806x605

If you need work done on your classic machine, basic service to full rebuilds, contact me, I can help.

Projects Index

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