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1980 Suzuki GS1000G Shaft Drive.
This one not my bike, rebuilding it for a friend after he binned it.

First picture as it arrived here, a quick look and you think well it is not too bad but closer inspection proves this incorrect, there is quite a lot of damage to both sides of the bike.
Side stand was left down and it dug into a high spot in the road causing it to come down on one side and rolling it over to the other side quite hard.
Instruments were totally destroyed, as were the handle bars, master cylinder, both throttle side and left side switch blocks, Fuel tank was badly crushed on the right side,
pulser cover was broken and the pulsers behind damaged, stator cover was broken beyond any sort of repair, the list went on.
Quite lucky with the mufflers, noticeable damage but minor by comparison to other damage so were reused.
Insurance would have written this off for sure, not so much for safety concerns, more cost to replace parts and the labor cost.

A few pictures I took along the way and a few more comments.

Suzuki GS1000

Older brother - GS850G Period Test Here.

Another tank was sourced and it needed some repair also.

New pulser cover and decal, replacement pulsers sourced.

Brand new stater cover there.

I had the headers and joiners and rear rack ceramic coated.

I used a set of "spare" instruments I had here.

New Suzuki throttle slide and grip and a master cylinder, just a couple of the many new smaller parts that had to be purchased.

The finished bike with nice new paint ready for another 100K K's. The end result was never meant to be a glamour restoration, the bike is well used and my friend wanted presentable rider.

If you need work done on your classic ride, basic service to full rebuilds, contact me, I can help.

Projects Index

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